Understanding CBD Labeling

One of the most confusing aspects when beginning to look for a CBD product (see our blog “What is CBD?” for more information) is understanding its labeling. Many brands and products can be misleading if you are unaware of what to look for. Hopefully, after reading this article, you are better able to make a decision on what type of product is best for you.

Let’s start on a basic note of something you will see on EVERY CBD product. If you are to look on a label of a CBD product, you will see either 'Full Spectrum' or 'Isolate'. Full spectrum CBD has, not only the full benefits of the cannabidiol (CBD) compound but, all of the other cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. This is what we mostly use here at Bastion Naturals as we believe in the wide benefits of the whole plant. CBD Isolate (which Bastion Naturals uses in our Gummies) contains no cannabinoids other than cannabidiol (plain ol' CBD). As the name suggests, the CBD has been 'isolated' and is the only cannabinoid within the product. This type is often sought after when consumers are concerned about THC content. While our Full Spectrum products have been tested to be far below limits allowed by regulation, (all of which can be seen within our third party lab tests provided within the site) they do contain trace amounts of THC. It is important to mention, there is NO ‘high’ with Full Spectrum CBD.

But which product is right for me?

The first and most common CBD product that many consumers will see are the CBD oil tinctures. These are in the small, glass bottles, generally with a dropper lid for measurement. The most common sizes are 15mL (.05oz), 30mL (1oz), and 60mL (2oz). Depending on the brand, these will also come in specific concentrations of the amount of CBD that you will find within the entire bottle. For example, Bastion Naturals sells 1000mg, 1500mg, and 3000mg tinctures. Therefore, the entire bottle contains 1000mg of CBD, 1500mg of CBD, and 3000mg of CBD, respectively.

That being said, the 3000mg tincture, while seemingly more expensive, is a better deal if you use CBD frequently, as you can take a smaller dose with the same effects of a full dose of a lesser concentration tincture. Some labels will also display how much CBD you will have per dose, which, per a full dropper, is normally 1mL, so you can better judge how much you need. Don’t know how much you need? Always start small. (As a side note, the pet tinctures should be labeled just as any other tincture. Supplementing and uses for your pets will be discussed in another blog.)

While the tinctures are the CBD products most will see first, the CBD gummies are certainly some of the most popular. They’re sweet, absorb as well as any other ingestible method, and they’re easy to take in a public atmosphere when on the go and discretion may be needed. There is only one number you should be concerned about when looking at a label for CBD gummies and that is how much CBD is in EACH gummy. There is a wide variety and range from brand to brand. Here at Bastion Naturals, our gummies contain 25mg of CBD per gummy, and with 30 gummies per bottle, you have a total of 750mg of CBD for the entire bottle. Understanding that, you can see why the tinctures are still highly sought after for their higher concentrations.

Another great option that is available are CBD softgel capsules. These are perfect if you like to organize your vitamins in pill cases to remind yourself to take it. As CBD has been known to help alleviate chronic pain, remembering to take your daily dose is important. Labeling for softgels should be very similar to the gummies. The softgels should be labeled so you see how much CBD you are receiving PER SOFTGEL CAPSULE. Again, like our gummies, our softgel capsules contain 25mg each of CBD with a total of 750mg of CBD for the entire bottle. While gummies may be the new fad in taking your vitamins and supplements, the softgels keep things simple and are easy to regulate and remember.

The last type of CBD product we’ll discuss are CBD topicals. These are your salve sticks, lotions, roll ons, etc. These products are for external use only! The CBD mg count on the package is like the tinctures: the amount of CBD listed is what is contained within the whole of the product. Our salve sticks and lotions contain 500mg of CBD per container. These items are often less concentrated as they are applied directly to the affected area. Our topicals also contain moisturizers and essential oils that further assist in the skin’s ability to absorb and use their combined benefits.

Each brand is different. It is important to ask questions and get to know the product. We’re always here to get you the answers you need. However, as always, no matter what a label says, always speak to your doctor before using a new supplement. CBD has so many wonderful benefits, but just like every brand is different, every person is different, and your health comes first!

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