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I would like to preface this article to say only this: while the information below is focused on pets, people will notice the same benefits listed, so read carefully and know that if you’re here just for your pet, you’d be surprised at what CBD can do for you, too!

A certain part of our day as pet owners, no matter how hectic, is taking some time to be with our pets; we need to walk the dog or brush the cat, or maybe it’s just that downtime before bed with some warm cuddles. Sometimes, however, we need to break away from this routine: they need to go to the groomer, you’re going on a trip and bringing them along, or it’s the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve and you can’t bear to enjoy the holiday when you know your pup is hiding in a corner scared of the fireworks. These situations often put a lot of stress on our animal companions. This is where using CBD oil comes in.

When it comes to pets, we know we will do just about anything for them. Our ultimate goal each day is wanting to see a tail wag, a ‘smile’ across their snout, and an overall sense of knowing that they are healthy and happy. As our puppies and kittens grow and age, we know their personality, we know what makes them excited and playful, but we also know what can cause them some distress.

As with us, days and situations for our pets are not always full of sunshine and rainbows. From something as natural as a thunderstorm to something not so natural as fireworks, certain times can, unfortunately, seriously affect the mood of our pets in a negative way. In the following paragraphs, we’ll go over the most common occurrences that negatively affect your pet and the positive reactions that giving them CBD oil can provide.

Before we go further, we take this moment to mention the importance of speaking to a veterinarian before using ANY product or supplement with your pet.


Unless you live in a very dry climate, thunder will often boom as the skies light. A rainy day can bring upon a lot of stress on your animal, especially dogs. After knowing so many pet owners (and being ones ourselves) the fear level in a dog can range from a little whimper to your 80 pound lab climbing onto your head and pillow shaking. There’s nothing we want more in this time than to be able to keep them calm and let them know they’re safe. Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how hard you hug them, they can’t relax until the storm has passed. This brings us to one of the most beneficial aspects of CBD oil: it is an incredible relaxant. It’s primary use in people is for stress, anxiety, and sleep and your pet will experience that same calming effect, even under otherwise stressful conditions.


July 4, 2020 had more home flown fireworks than any year before. With almost all town and city events cancelled due to Covid-19, this brought on a huge wave of cabin-fevered people to their driveways and streets to light the fuse and watch the sparks fly. While that can be a great time for most, our furry friends are often left terrified. Thunder will hardly compare to hearing the whistle and crack of a firework directly over your home, repeatedly. CBD oil can change this in that it will help to damper the fear and anxiety your pet feels during this time and will keep it much more relaxed than it would be without it, regardless of what is happening around them.


Well, you have two types of animals here. The ‘sticks her tongue out of the window’ type and the ‘he won’t stop yacking on the seat’ type. CBD helps with the latter. Thirty minutes before leaving, the recommended dose (see below) can be given to your travel pal and you’ll hopefully be able to enjoy a much calmer ride without worrying about any unease your pet might be feeling.

This isn’t just for car rides either. Plane trips can be extremely strenuous on animals. Many airlines require larger dogs to be crated and left in a ventilated cargo hold if they aren’t a service animal. This can be hours of flight which will translate into hours of anxiety and fear. CBD can help keep that anxiety in check for the beginning times of the flight while your best bud gets used to the environment and can hopefully have a better trip.


Let’s be honest, bathtime is not every pets favorite pastime. There are many more videos floating around on social media of a husky howling in front of a tub than in it. Seriously speaking though, if you’re not the one to be scrubbing them down, it can be even more unnerving for them to have a stranger holding them and do it, not to mention if they need to have their fluffy coat buzzed off. They need to be clean, though (nails trimmed, maybe a flea bath, or summer comes and we know it’s just too hot for them to have all of that fur) so the situation is unavoidable. When it comes to cats, some of the best self-cleaners, an occasional need for a professional can often bring the claws out. Now, CBD may not remedy that entirely, but the natural calming effect that it has will allow your pet to go to the groomers in peace.

While this may begin to sound repetitive in the benefit of CBD being a relaxant, we added this to show that sometimes our casual nature to a myriad of daily activities doesn’t translate as well to our furry friends. Just something to think about.


Nothing can be more heart-wrenching for a pet owner than seeing their pet in pain. We’ll take another moment here to say ‘Please see your vet first!’. But sometimes that pain is just aging. It’s an aging body, aging bones. Arthritis can develop, back issues, hip dysplasia, even cancers and infections. CBD isn’t some panacea to help those things go away, but what it has been shown to do is help alleviate the painful symptoms that come with these conditions.

It’s an anti-inflammatory. The inflammation around the joints has been shown to reduce in animals that use CBD over time. Consistent use can help to relieve the chronic pain that develops from arthritic complications, wherever it may be in the body.

Cancer, just as in humans, can affect your animal’s appetite. CBD oil has been reviewed to increase appetite which is important to keep them eating, all while also working as an anti-nausea which can be a symptom of many different issues in their body.

Some other conditions CBD has been known to help with are: seizures, sleeplessness, and even some skin conditions.

What’s the difference between Pet CBD oil and the CBD oil we take?

There is little difference between the two. Here at Bastion Naturals, our Pet CBD has the more attractive flavor of Salmon Oil as an ingredient (which has its own list of benefits), as well as the addition of terepens (the compound found in many plants that are responsible for a calming effect).

The other difference you’ll notice is the concentration of CBD within the oil. The amount of CBD in Pet CBD is often much less, as the amount given to them is based on their weight. Since animals will generally weigh less than us, they don’t need as much to receive the same benefits that we would experience.

How much do I give them?

A basic guideline for a starting dosage is 1mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of weight. This can be given to your pet every 4-8 hours as needed.

Delivery methods

As CBD oil is the most common (and the most economical) form of CBD available to your pets, we recommend putting the recommended dose in it’s food, dropped onto a treat, or given orally. Most droppers will be glass, so do not insert the dropper into the animal’s mouth! Many companies also offer CBD infused treats, though these can often be more costly.

There are many situations CBD can be used for your pet. While it’s been mentioned previously in the article, we close this by saying: CBD has been an amazing addition to pet owners who experience many of the above listed issues, but always speak to your vet before starting your pet on any supplement or product.

Wishing the best of health to you and your pets!

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