A Tale of 2 Very

Motivated Millennials 

with 2 Very

Riddled Résumés


we knew each other."


     Going with the flow has always been Victor's philosophy when it came to work. This happily afforded him the opportunities to experience many different industries along with the many different people and personalities that came with them.  

     Although he had a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts, he stayed working for his first job in the movie theater which gave him experience in management, inventory, cash deposits, payroll, and much more. When the company sold, he went to assist his family's growing landscaping business which planted the seed (pun intended) to strive for his own venture. 

     That dream, however, was still a time off as the next few years brought him all around South Florida from the kitchen, to maintenance, to self-storage, and property management. 

     Enter the pandemic. Jobless, stressed, determined, something had to give. It was now or never. 


"account analyst"



"movie theater manager"

"sales representative"

"pastry cook"


"condo custodian"

"inventory manager"

"accounts receivable"

"statistical analyst"

"assistant property manager"

"marketing director"

     Coming from Brazil, Andre already had the courage to step out of his comfort zone, his own country, and into a new world, the USA. He took a leap of faith leaving his growing position as an investment account analyst in Sao Paulo to become a dishwasher in a Miami restaurant. During his time there, he worked his way through each position, up the ladder to manager, all while adding Spanish and English to his language count.

     Now speaking three languages and in search of greater things on the horizon, he completed his Bachelor's Degree in Economics, only to find the job market impossible to get back into. Finding a safety net back in the restaurant business, he still wanted more. He loves the customer interaction, but knew that all he had learned could be put to better use: something of his own.

Bastion Naturals, LLC

     In this day and age, it can be argued that it's not what you know, it's who you know. Thankfully, we knew each other. By combining the experience that both of us have in the many aspects of business and customer service, the obvious next step was to start something of our own. And what better product to begin with but to promote the compound that helped us get through the employment challenges we faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and the other obstacles of early 2020: CBD.

      Our lives, as just 2 people in the world today, are busy. While CBD has been a big part of helping us get through our own daily challenges, it's only the beginning. Both of us know that getting what we want and where we want takes hard work, and in order to work hard, we need to feel good. We take our vitamins, get a good night's rest, eat well (until Netflix drops a new season of our favorite show), exercise (while practicing responsible social distancing), and stay positive. We realized, however, that even when forced into a quarantine, there is stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and a myriad of emotions and experiences that we all go through daily. CBD helped us with that, and in turn, we wanted to help others. We wanted to help ourselves overcome our obstacles, our families face their challenges, and our friends become the best version of themselves so that they can be there for their own families. So this is what we made: Bastion Naturals, LLC.

     We aren't stopping at simply selling CBD. We want to live and promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As we grow, we wish to be not only a source to purchase a product, but a source of information. This includes blog posts on the supplements we carry and/or will carry so everyone has a place to access clear information on what they're using to help lift their lives. We want the people around us to be happy and healthy. We want the world to be happy and healthy. And we want to be the ones to help you safeguard your well-being so that being happy and healthy can happen today.

Thank you for your support!

-  Victor & Andre

   Founders of Bastion Naturals, LLC

© 2020 by Bastion Naturals